Healthy Cooking Guide – Low Fat Eating

Guide to Healthy Cooking

Changing the way you cook your food is one of the first and most obvious ways to improve your health. However, healthy cooking has a perception of low taste meals and takes efforts, but this needn’t be the case.¬† Obesity is a Worldwide problem and studies show there are now more obese people in the world than those who aren’t.

Cooking healthily can be fun and interesting – if you do it right. A small change here and there can go a long way to improving the health of both you and your family. It’s about forming new habits around meals and cooking and once you set a new habit, healthy cooking becomes a much simpler and easier task. The NHS does its best to promote healthy eating but at the end of the day, it’s the individual who needs to decide to eat more healthily.

Do not deep fry anymore

Fried foods contribute to a high fat content in meals so one of the first things to do is stop frying your food. Your body needs fat to function, but too much saturated fat is bad for you.

Too much fat will provide you will more calories than you need, meaning you’ll put on weight. Too much fat can also affect the heart also.

Here are some alternatives to deep frying your food.

Use the Grill

Grilling is a healthy way to cook your food.

Grilling allows fat to drop from your food as it’s cooking, meaning your fat intake will be reduced.


Baking your food in the oven is another healthy way to cook. For example, instead of deep fried wedges, you could have a baked potato instead.

Pan frying your food

Also frying, using a pan to fry your food uses far less oil, so your fat intake is still improved. Cooking with a pan usually means just using one or two tablespoons of oil, instead of an entire vat of oil, as you’d use with a deep fat fryer.

Pan frying also allows you more options as to which oil to use. Ideally, monounsaturated oils are better to use as these help to lower cholesterol levels. Extra virgin olive oil can also be used and this is an excellent choice for keeping the heart healthy.

Steaming your food

Steaming is another healthy method of cooking, especially for vegetables. Steamers are fairly inexpensive to buy and provide you with an extra healthy cooking option in the kitchen.

Health Fryer (also known as Low fat Fryer)

Low fat fryers or health fryers are a relative newcomer to healthy cooking. They use minimal oil (just a tablespoon in most cases) and use temperatures in excess of 200 degrees to cook food. Some have rotating paddles for even cooking and transparent lids so you can check progress. There are a wide range of models available with the Tefal  Actifry and Breville Halo + among them.

Use a Slow Cooker

Slow cooking is a low cost yet healthy way to cook. If you don’t have time to prepare meals when you get home from work, then let a slow cooker do the work for you. Simply add the ingredients to the cooking pot, set the time and temperature and let it cook your meal slowly for you.

Making the switch to healthy cooking should be a gradual one so don’t make too many changes all at once. It can be rewarding to discover a new healthier way of cooking your food so experiment a bit. The more you cook healthily for yourself, the easier it will become and the improvements you’ll see in your health will be motivating to keep it up. Again, lots of brands to choose from but Morphy Richards is a forerunner in the slow cooker market.

We hope you found this article on healthy cooker useful and has motivated you to start cooking more healthier and tastier food for yourself and the family. Thanks for reading.