Planning your garden

As it’s the start of the year, we’d thought we’d provide some inspiration about planning your garden for the coming year. Spring is not far away so let’s take a look at some of the gardening jobs to get on your to-do list.

If the RHS Chelsea Flower Show gets you excited to do more in your garden, or you love BBC Gardeners’ World, then our article will show you what needs doing from April onwards.

As we enter Spring, you should be pruning plants in order to promote new growth. However, prune too early and you’re taking away much needed protection from any remaining late frosts.

From April onwards, you should be mowing your lawn at least once a week. If needed, you can scarify the lawn to remove dead underlying grass. If you notice any damage to the grass from the winter season, then now would be the time to sow new seed, or replace with turf.

Do you like growing your own vegetables? April is the time to start off the following veg:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Sweetcorn

…and others.

If you don’t have a greenhouse, then a windowsill will suffice to get your seeds started.

It’s important to keep a watch on nighttime temperatures as frosts can still occur in April. It’s important to protect any fruit plants or trees from frost.

April would also be a good time to start planning any garden ornaments to enhance your garden. Garden centres will often have special offers on in Spring to tempt buyers into their stores.

What are you planning for your garden this year. Leave a comment and tell us what plans you have – we’d love to hear from you!