Senior Citizens – Too old for jobs?

Most of us look forward to retiring but this life change can lead to worsening health. Studies show that people in retirement are more likfely to suffer a heart attack and become depressed. Being isolated from other people doesn’t help matters.

People in retirement are nearly 50% at more risk off ill-health than those who still working in jobs. Senior citizens who choose to work beyond normal retirement age generally stay healthier. As we saw in late 2016, age is no barrier to employment after this elderly gentleman bagged a job in a local cafe.

Why it’s a good idea for senior citizens to continue to work

Being active and having a sense of purpose that work gives is closely linked with levels of happiness.

The contributing factor to that happiness is the contact and interaction with other people they meet during their work. Having a strong social network helps to maintain mental and emotional well being.

Having something to get out of bed for each day gives the senior citizen a sense of purpose and reason for being.

Remaining active in a working role will help maintain physical and mental aspects the older they get. When you reach retirement, it’s easy to end up sitting all day and do nothing, and that’s when your physcial and mental well-being starts to deteriorate, leading to more serious health problems.

Who do you know who has remained in a job past their normal retirement age? Are they more active, healthy in body and mind as a result? Leave a comment – we’d love to hear fromĀ  you.